Changing Box Properties

When you create a new chart, you select a template style from one of those available in OrgPlus OnDemand. Templates include a number of box attributes, including the type font, background color, text  color, layout, and other features. You can change these box properties quickly and easily. Next, you’re going to add two fields – a photo and e-mail address – to all boxes in the chart.

To change box properties:

1   With the Basic Chart open, choose Box Properties from the Format menu. The Box Properties dialog box opens.

2   Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard, click Photo and E-mail in the Available Fields list, and click the Add button.

3   Click the Entire chart option under Apply to. This will add a photo and email address to each box in the Basic Chart.

4   Click OK.

The photos and email addresses are added to the box for each person in the chart. The first figure below shows the Box Properties dialog box. The second photo shows some of the boxes in the chart with the photo and email address added.

5   To reduce the size of the visible chart, choose Format > Box Properties again, select the Photo field under Displayed Fields, and click the Remove button.

6   Select the Entire Chart option under Apply To, and click OK. The name, position, and email fields remain visible.