Getting Started

When you install and register OrgPlus, HumanConcepts automatically establishes a free OrgPlus OnDemand account. You should receive your username and password by email after registering OrgPlus. If you do not receive registration information, contact technical support through

Note: You can also create a free account if you cannot access OrgPlus OnDemand.

To sign up for a free OrgPlus OnDemand account:

1   Open a browser window and type in the following URL

2   In the Welcome page, click the Get started button.

3   In the Start Charting page, select the package you want to start using. In this case, select the 30 Chart Size option with Free Pricing. This option enables you to create and work with charts that contain up to 30 boxes, at no cost.

4   Click the Get started button to continue.

5   In the Sign Up for a Free Account page, enter your Email address, First Name, Last Name, Password, and then re-type your password to confirm it.

6   After clicking the links to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and reviewing the information, select the checkbox I agree with OrgPlus OnDemand Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

7   To keep up to date with OrgPlus OnDemand news, software updates, and the latest information on products and services, keep that checkbox selected.

8   Click the Continue button to complete the registration information.

9   Complete the Organization, Title, Country, State, and Phone fields, and click the Sign Up button.

10 Thank You screen appears, directing you to check your email for the link that will open OrgPlus OnDemand in your browser window, where you can begin using the application.