Pushing Data to OrgPlus Enterprise

OrgPlus Enterprise is a web-based solution for organizational charting. See OrgPlus Enterprise for more information.

The Scheduler and Publisher functionality described in Republishing can be used to automatically or manually push data to OrgPlus Enterprise.

To push to data to OrgPlus Enterprise:

1   Select Push Data from the Data menu. The Push Data Properties dialog box opens.


2   Click the Select Field button to specify which fields to push to OrgPlus Enterprise.

3   Select the FTP option, and click the FTP button to enter FTP parameters.

4   Click the Browse button and enter the file name. Make sure the Microsoft Excel (.xls) file type is selected.

5   Click OK.

Note: After you sign up for OrgPlus Enterprise OnDemand, HumanConcepts will setup your account and your initial chart templates. It will also supply all necessary FTP (or secure FTP) parameters, which are used to upload data to OrgPlus Enterprise OnDemand.