Saving Your Chart as a PDF File

You have several options for saving and publishing a chart, including saving it as PDF file or a PowerPoint presentation. You can also publish the chart to the web to share with others, export to Excel, or save it in the OPX file format, which enables you to work with the chart in OrgPlus Desktop applications.

When you save the chart, you have the option of saving the current displayed chart, the entire chart, or the displayed chart plus a branch. You are going to save the entire chart.

To save the chart as a PDF file:

1   In the chart area, choose File > Save as PDF.

2   In the Output tab, select Entire Chart as the Output, and leave the default Sub-Chart options as is.

2   Click the Presentation tab, complete the options as shown below, and click Save when done.

4   Click the Options tab, select the option Include navigation arrows, and click Save.

5   After the file has been saved to the PDF format, click the Open button in the File Download dialog box to view the chart in Adobe Reader, or click the Save button to view it at a later time. The PDF file of the chart you have just modified appears in Adobe Acrobat Reader.