Starting OrgPlus OnDemand and Logging In

After you register to use OrgPlus OnDemand, your confirmation email includes a link, which takes you to the application login page.

1   Click the link in the email, and review the second email message, which provides a brief summary of the application and some starting tips and benefits.

2   When you click the link in the first email, OrgPlus OnDemand opens the Login screen. Your E-mail address is filled in automatically.

3   Enter the Password you created on the registration page, and click the Login button. If you have forgotten your password, you can click the Forgot Password? link to have it emailed to you again.

4   After clicking the Login button, the default OrgPlus OnDemand screen opens, which provides the following features:

My Charts tab -
This tab includes a list of sample charts you can use to learn about and “test drive” OrgPlus OnDemand. You can practice modifying, sharing, and publishing these sample charts, or changing the owner affiliated with each. You can create a new blank chart, use the Chart Wizard to create a new chart, or import a file to create a new chart. Once you begin creating your own charts, they will appear in this list.

Deleted Charts tab -
This tab lists any charts you have created and deleted. They are stored on the server until you select and delete the chart from this location. You can review chart details by clicking the Information button    before deciding whether to delete or restore the chart.

User Management tab –
This tab displays your user information, as well as that of other users you have created or imported from a data file. You can export user information, and invite users to view charts through OrgPlus OnDemand. You can define which charts are viewable by which individual users, and grant them viewing or collaboration rights.