Edit Menu

The Edit menu contains commands that enable you to perform the editing functions detailed below.




Copy / Ctrl+C

Copies whatever is selected and places it on the Clipboard.

Copy Contents

Copies the contents of a selected chart box and places it on the Clipboard.



Selects objects as described below:



All chart boxes and lines.


All Assistants

All Assistant boxes.


All Co-managers

All Manager boxes that share the same subordinates.


All Managers

All boxes that have subordinates.


All Non-managers

All boxes that are subordinates or assistants.


Direct Reports

All boxes that are connected directly to the selected box.



All boxes that report to the same manager as the selected box.



Selected box and all descendent boxes.


Lowest Level

All boxes that are on the last shown level.


All Locked Boxes

All boxes that are locked from data refresh.


All Hidden Boxes

All boxes that are hidden from view.


All Connecting Lines

All the connecting lines between boxes.


All Hidden Connecting Lines

All the hidden connecting lines.


All Labels

All labels.


All Free Floating Objects

All free floating objects.


All Anchored Objects

All free floating objects that are anchored to boxes.


 All Multi-Record Boxes

All boxes that are marked as multi-record boxes.


All Single-Record Boxes

All boxes that contain single records.


Select Levels

Selects all the boxes in a specified set of levels.


Find / Ctrl+F

Locates occurrences of a string.

Find Next

Finds the next instance of whatever is entered in the Find dialog box.


Find by Photo /

Finds a box by selecting a photo from a list of photos.