Zoom Toolbar

The Zoom toolbar has the following buttons.




Select Tool

Selects chart boxes and lines.

Zoom In

Increases the magnification of your chart.

Zoom Out

Decreases the magnification of your chart.

Zoom Rect

Magnifies a rectangular segment of the chart to fill the entire screen.


Moves the chart around on the screen in any direction by dragging.

Zoom Wheel

Lets you zoom in and out using the mouse roller (wheel).

Fit To Window

Resizes the chart so that the entire content is visible in the current window.


Displays the percentage of the charts actual size.


Shows a miniature version of your entire chart so that you can zoom in to certain areas of the chart.

Show Level

Defines the number of levels to show, up to and including the level specified.

Show Branch

Displays the selected branch only.